March – 三月 ( 26/03/2018 )

As I entered the third month of the year, I started realising how fast everything is going.

And I looked at pictures I had already taken in the first two months, and they made me realise how important it is to document everything. That’s why finally being able to get back into this blog will be a pinnacle of glory for future me when looking back fondly upon these memories.

Trying to describe how you feel while on exchange is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I think this is because there’s so much going on in my head and I don’t know how to get it out to form actual sentences. So perhaps this blog will help with that, as I’ll have time to think about the words to describe this feeling.

Anyway, to the part that everyone is actually interested in,wha

t have I been up to?

In the last week (17/03 – 25/03) I have done so many thin



On the seventeenth I went to Huis Ten Bosch, a European theme park in Sasebo, about 45 minutes away from where I currently live. It was honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Everything is styled so that you forget that you’re actually in Japan, and the bright colourful atmosphere brought me nothing but joy.

I then went to school for the remainder of the week. This was my last week as a first year ( equivalent to a year 10 in Australia ) and many of my fellow classmates are excited to become second years. I can’t wait for the new underclassman to come, as it’ll be interesting to get to know them and hopefully become friends with them.

I was greatly saddened when I parted ways with the school on Friday (23/03). I feel like I learn a lot while at school, not just because of the books I study but because of my teachers and peers. I cannot wait to see them again and I hope they all have a great holiday.

On Saturday (24/03) I went to Hizen Yume Kaidou, a place dedicated to Ninjas and their history. It had many interactive activities and was incredible. I am now training to become a female ninja, a kunoichi.

A Rotary District meeting was held on Sunday, which


was super nerve wracking yet fun. With each presentation I do I can feel how much I improve with speaking. Even though I may not be the best speaker I am so so proud of how far I’ve come, considering how the first speech I did for practise in australia I broke down crying.

Seeing fellow exchange students ( both inbound and outbound ) is always fun, as we can all relate and talk about our problems together.

I went to Fukuoka on Sunday after the meeting and stayed overnight. I may have over shopped a little. BUT to be honest at least half the stuff was for friends and family. Clothing here is more expensive than Australia, though the further we get into Spring the hotter it gets, so I need clothes for that.

Fukuoka is really beautiful, especially now that the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom.

With that, I shall end this blog post. Hopefully as the warm


weather comes in and the cherry blossom bloom I will post more regularly. Thank you for the support! I want to thank everyone who has gotten me to Japan and to the point I am currently at.



Tracy scott

Oh Jordi, so awesome and so proud of how you have embraced your experience, only last week I attended an info session for potential exchange students for 2019 and it immediately made me think about you and how keen you were! So much like Rhianna, I love watching your journey. Xxxx


Tracy, thank you so much! It’s such an honour to be compared to Rhianna。I remember reading her blog and always found myself amazed by her experiences. Rhianna’s blog was a big part in making me want to embark on this journey. I hope that I can have the same influence on anyone else wishing to go in the future. Thanks for the comment! Xxxxx


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